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Learning tips >> Chinese food:南瓜粥(nánguā zhōu)Pumpkin Porridge

吃得健康(Chī déjiànkāng Eathealthy:




Pumpkinand sweet in taste, warm, invigorating the spleen, stomach, BU Zhong Yi Qi,clearing away of the Gong, applies to spleen Qi and weakness, malnutrition,Lung abscess, fire burns. Of the Materia Medica of the words "Bu Zhong YiQi"(补中益气 bǔzhōngyìqì . Pumpkincontaining citrulline, arginine, japonicus Thunb element and vitamin a, b, c,pectin, cellulose, etc. Pumpkin pectin can adjust the rate of absorption offood in stomach, slows sugar absorption, soluble cellulose delay gastricemptying of food, control blood sugar rise after meals. Pectin and excesscholesterol in the body can work together, to reduce cholesterol absorption,plasma cholesterol concentrations decrease. Pumpkin had "good sugar andfat reduction" of Yu, who suffers from diabetes, often taking the producttable, not only to eat, but also to reducing sugar and fat, is simply to count.Many people all day long with computer work, are bound to cause visual fatigue.Maintaining eye health, in addition to eye health, and food containing vitamina-rich foods, such as pumpkin, can effectively protect the eyes.




Rice,and sweet in taste. With buzhong yangwei, Yijing strong Chi, Cong eyesight ear,and the five Zang-organs, through four pulse, stop bothering, to quench yourthirst, diarrhea, and other effects.


Rawmaterials of pumpkin porridge: rice;


Pumpkinporridge(南瓜粥 nánguāzhōuingredients: pumpkin;


Pumpkinporridge approach:


1piece, pumpkin, wash.


2,pumpkin and Peel.


Blocksof cut 3, Hob.


4,half bowls of rice.


5,wash the rice skillet, add half pot water.


6,the fire boil, Cook small fire.


小贴士(XiǎotiēshìWarm Tip:


Eatpumpkin, can make the free movement of the bowels, skin beautiful, especiallyfor women, beauty, famous official Zhang Zhidong(张之洞ZhāngZhīdòng proposedduring the Qing dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi eat pumpkin. Pumpkin can alsoprevent stroke, pumpkin oil contains a lot of sub-MAREN acid, Palmitic acid,stearic acid, are good quality oil.


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